Cashew Trading

Although processing is the heart of our business, the distinctive feature of our business model is that we are able to add value at every stage of the cashew value chain, especially in storage and transport. Throughout our journey, we have developed deep expertise in efficiently transporting cashew, both raw and kernel between continents and across countries.

We are able to manage and control most of the product journey in-house. The in house management on shipping operations in origin and processing countries allows us to organise and plan every detail of the supply chain. It empowers us to move the cargo as securely and quickly as possible. The efficient management and co- ordination of shipment both from producing and processing origins coupled with our expertise in freighting are essential to our operations for quick turnaround of raw cashew to cashew kernels. This always results in cashew kernels having superior sensory properties and increases the proportion of shelf life available to our buyers.